Mariah v. Nicki — You’ve Never Had a #1 Billboard Single

The only way to describe the Nicki/Mariah feud is sad, unprofessional, and inappropriate. But here at The Dishmaster, I take sides, and I have to fall on Team Mariah, though it’s a close call. First, Nicki Minaj should not have been hired. Mariah was pitched the show as a three person panel with her as the star, and only found out about Nicki’s addition after she signed on the dotted line. We’re not in high school anymore, so we don’t have to play with people we don’t like. Had Mariah known about Nicki, perhaps she would have chosen another playground. That being said, Nicki not only initiates the taunting, but she’s also detracts the spotlight from the contestants with her over-the-top antics. And when Mariah disengaged, she received Producer-heat for her backseat approach to a front-seat job. I predict a complete overhaul next season — though I think Keith Urban will stay.


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