Did Miley Cyrus Just Expose Her Father’s Affair? — UH OH!!!

And you thought your life was ridiculous. While I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan and rarely mention her on The Dishmaster, this story is too good to resist. Rumor has it that Cyrus took to twitter to take down her pops, demanding that Bill Ray Cyrus tell the truth within the hour or “she will tell it for him.” She then posted a picture of herself beside Dylis Croman, who starred with Billy in Chicago on Broadway. The demanded and accompanying photo has obviously led many to assume Miley’s outrage surrounds an affair between her father and Croman. All the tweets have since been deleted, with a comment from Cyrus saying, that her twitter is “acting crazy.” Um . . . something’s acting crazy and it might not be twitter.

This might be the right time to remember the finer days when celebrities had zero access to the general public. Those digital muzzles were made for people like Miley, who can’t seem to control her own impulse to damage her own PR with personal-life posts. In memory of better times, watch below for a vintage interview of Miley and her father.

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