Radar Online Exposes Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Struggles — Has the Tabloid Gone Too Far?

I’ve always attempted to avoid bad-mouthing celebrities while at their most vulnerable. And I’ve certainly avoided recounting intimate details about their rehab-stints. But a recent article from Radar Online put me over the edge. I won’t link to it, but the online tabloid boasts about having the inside scoop on why Lohan moved rehabs, claiming that she skipped group therapy because she was convinced that they “were giving out information on her.” HELLO! Need I point out the obvious!? If this was merely an “excuse” then how does Radar Online even know about it?!! And if it wasn’t an excuse, and they were in fact giving out the information, then can you blame her for skipping it?!! Leave this girl alone. Sobriety is sacrosanct.

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