Anthony Weiner’s New Problem: BARBARA MORGAN

What’s worse? Using Anthony Weiner’s ridiculous campaign to propel your own fame after working as a thankless intern, or being high on his totem pole (no pun intended) and hurling profanities to a journalist? I’m on the fence. In case you missed it, Anthony Weiner’s communications director, Barbara Morgan, wasn’t too pleased when his once intern, Olivia Nuzzi, revealed inside campaign information in a presumed bid for her fifteen minutes. When asked about it, Morgan unleashed a hateful tirade, using words like c***t, slutbag, and twat. When her rant drew criticism, Morgan claimed she thought the conversation was off the record, which the outlet later denied. She has since apologized. But judging from the video below, it seems Barbara Morgan has some work to do. I never thought I’d say this, but can someone bring the class back to campaigning?

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