Project Runway Season 12 — A REVIEW

For twelve season’s, it’s been consistently clear that Tim Gunn is the star of Project Runway. Until now, the show has minimized its most-important player. Sure he appears in the workroom, but his coveted critiques are edited down to a short screen time, leaving the viewers always wanting more. This season, things changed. Gunn now gets to “save” an ousted designer when he disagrees with the judges. It’s brilliant — and its shocking it didn’t happen sooner. As for the season’s other changes, the jury’s out on the post-runway garment talk, but one thing’s for sure. Zac Posen must go. Yes he’s talented, but he’s extremely difficult to watch. He seems like a self-important prick with no personality. He lacks Michael Kors’ sense of humor, and he has zero chemistry with Klum, whose personality is so far on the other end of the likability spectrum I naturally assume tension between the two. And last but not least, I’m completely aghast at this season’s contenders. They all seem mentally unstable, making this more of a clown contest than a designer showcase. If they’re choosing the best in the country, can’t they find talent and normalcy?

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