Simon Cowell v. LeAnn Rimes — Is Society Sexist?

LeAnn RimesWhen the news first broke that Simon Cowell knocked up his good friend’s wife, I thought, “There has to be some reasonable explanation.” Then pictures surfaced of Cowell kissing Lauren Silverman, while her husband was presumably close by. To top it off, Cowell took these couples trips with his then fiance, Mezhgan Hussainy. And despite all this damning evidence, I was still convinced of Simon Cowell’s innocence. Then I was hit by a thunderbolt. I suddenly realized that LeAnn Rimes was not afforded this same naive insanity or the benefit of any doubt. She too had an affair with a married parent, and the public trashed her with tramp status and cast flames upon her for eternity. Sure she handled it horribly, but so has Cowell. Just days after Lauren Silverman’s divorce with Andrew Silverman became final, he’s been seen publicly parading his love, holding hands with Silverman and openly kissing her in French restaurants. So what’s the difference here, and why is Cowell getting the get-out-of-jail-free card that LeAnn can’t kill someone for? Well . . . it starts with a P and ends with and S, and it rhymes with Venus. You do the math.



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