Homeland Season Three Premiere — A Full Review

Fifteen minutes into the premiere of Homeland, it became clear to me that real threat isn’t to the country — it’s to the show itself. With two seasons dedicated exclusively to Brody (Damian Lewis), it’s now nearly impossible to move forward.

In a recent Los Angeles Times’ piece, the source of the flaws became more apparent. First, Brody was originally intended as a one-season centerpiece, and his popularity forced the writers to change their trajectory with very little time. Second, they lost two Executive Producers (one left to shoot The Bridge, and another sadly passed away).

The season three premiere of Homeland suggests that Damien Lewis’ character will no longer play a central role, and the real focus will switch to Claire Danes, whose relationship with Brody is publicly called into question, along with her mental health, her friendship with Saul, and the overall competence of the CIA.. It remains to be seen whether the audience can invest as heavily in another terrorist plot, given the dire lack of sub-plots in the first two seasons. As for Carrie, something tells me another Saturday Night Live skit dedicated to her excessive tears is coming soon. Though I will suspend disbelief, I won’t hang from a mental trapeze while doing in-air somersaults. I’m too old for cartoons.

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