Katy Perry Has Miming Meltdown at NRJ Awards — WATCH NOW

Katy Perry had a technical meltdown at the NRJ Awards, and she’s somehow managed to avoid the same wrath handed to Ashlee Simpson for her equivalent SNL fiasco. According to Perry’s team, the wrong backing track was played, forcing Perry to lip-sync.

If you watch the video below, you’ll see that Perry mistimed her mime, which eventually forced the host to come on stage and demand that she start over. Perhaps he knew that the wrong backing track was played and realized that everyone, including her dancers were out of sync? When she began again, she sang live, and the difference in her vocals was astounding.

First, it’s nearly impossible to dance and sing simultaneously, and we’ve become so accustomed to watching both, we forget that the predicted huffing-and-puffing is missing from the audio. Second, we’ve also become accustomed to vocal tuning, which means that we often forget what the singer actually sounds like. Thankfully, Katy Perry gave you a lesson with a wow-worthy before and after. As for how this happened, I’m at a loss. Why would she have two backing tracks, one with vocals and one without? And who hit the wrong button?

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