The Demise of Duck Dynasty — Should A&E Issue a Quackdown?


The most popular reality show on television just got a severe dose of reality, and many in the right-wing media are crying fowl. For those that missed it, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson made some anti-homosexual comments to GQ, and has since been suspended by the network. His family has flocked together, claiming if Phil Robertson goes, they all go. Though the public is quick to scream about the First Amendment, that claim is more romantic than real. All of us law school grads know this is not a First Amendment violation, and though I’d love to give you a legal rundown — just trust me — it’s faster. As for the morality behind the mayhem, despite my support of the gay community, I stand against the suspension.

This is a reality show, and it’s important for everyone everywhere to fully understand the public’s views to affect change. If we simply erase history or put aside the present, we won’t grow. Phil Robertson’s comments opened up a much larger debate, and that conversation has forced people into a well-valued dialogue. Shunning never earned anyone anything except the very cool catchphrase, “Talk to the Hand.” And even that has become dated.

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