Chris Christie Changes Lanes: Fires Staff

For those who have missed the very public scandal surrounding Chris Christie’s, here’s the abridged version. Christie’s staff intentionally closed lanes in Fort Lee, New Jersey to punish the mayor for not endorsing Christie in his 2013 bid for reelection. In response, Christie has fired Bridget Anne Kelly, the deputy chief of staff, insisting she “betrayed” him, and further emphasizing his ignorance about the events. He has also publicly admonished his former campaign manager, Bill Stepien. It’s believed that Christie’s former associate, David Wildstein, used his power at the Port Authority to execute the arbitrary closures, which ultimately stalled both school buses with children and EMT vehicles.

While it’s certainly possible that Christie had no knowledge of the events, that’s even more disturbing. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and when we chose those weak links to be a part of staff, we are responsible. While Chris Christie’s charm can certainly take him far, it won’t take him across the finish line in a Presidential campaign. How did he ignorantly surround himself with such awful people? And why didn’t he uncover this with independent investigation? Is he blind to the antics of his entourage? Watch below for Jon Stewart’s take.

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