Jennifer Nettles Releases ‘That Girl’ — HOW’D SHE DO?

Whenever an artist of a popular group goes solo, I assume it’s money motivated. Everyone knows that true “bands” split their tour proceeds, and in the case of Sugarland, 100% of the intake is far higher than 50%. Plus, lead singers have the unique advantage of ditching their band-mates who are far less likely to last without the face of their group. And while Jennifer Nettles might have pure intentions, I’m curious what Kristian Bush thinks. As for whether her solo album, ‘That Girl,’ can stand up to her Sugarland tunes, it’s difficult to compare. Sure she has Zeus on her side (also known as powerhouse Producer Rick Rubin), but the record is slightly schizophrenic. The up-tempo tracks that have become Sugarland’s staple are gone, in favor of sweet yet forgettable songs that feel slightly dated. There are certainly gems sprinkled throughout, but there just aren’t enough of them. Perhaps she didn’t stand a chance with The Dishmaster, given my love for Sugarland, but when you’ve already struck gold, why change your tools? Listen to one of her better tracks below.

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