Woody Allen v. Dylan Farrow: A Hollywood Hot Topic

In case you’ve missed the most recent Woody Allen allegations, Dylan Farrow has accused her father of child molestation, contending that the famed director molested her at the age of seven, and calling upon the Hollywood community to take responsibility for their support of Allen. While the facts are confusing, one thing is clear. Dylan insists the event occurred, and Allen insists otherwise. The courts have never prosecuted Allen, with varying justification, most notably citing lack of evidence. As for who I believe, it’s irrelevant. As an attorney, I know the ramifications of allowing the court of public opinion to prosecute people, and to ruin lives based on a war of the words. Yes, it’s entirely possible that Hollywood is lauding a child molester. But it’s also possible that we are not. And until this goes through the courts, and Mr. Allen is convicted of something, I cannot support setting a standard for ruining someone’s life because on an accusation. There are plenty of innocent people that would be irreparably harmed by that precedent, and I’m personally against it. I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there. I hope the family finds peace. But I also think it’s unfair to call upon others to join a movement without a conviction behind it. For Allen’s side of this story, watch the video below.

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