Bethenny Frankel Tells Andy Cohen About Failed Talk Show: “Felt Shackled”

It’s interesting that ousted hosts always bash the same executives who selected them for the job. After all, if those executives don’t know enough to critique your show, perhaps they didn’t know enough to pick you in the first place. Bethenny Frankel joins the long list of less-than-stellar daytime talk show hosts that didn’t last. While it might be true that she received those infamous annoying notes from executives, the truth behind the show’s demise is that she simply couldn’t survive in that format. Short, clipped interviews are best left to comedians, especially since even the most polished of interviewers often don’t translate in that time slot (see Katie Couric). Furthermore, Frankel has no experience as an interviewer, and her history in reality television made it hard to book guests. She’s certainly entertaining as the star, but there’s a huge difference between a star and a host.

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