Lindsay Lohan v. OWN Producers: Check Mate?

I find the Lindsay Lohan fascination confusing. First, she hasn’t had a successful film in years, and she’s made endless promises to the press about her recovery, most of which are premature. As for Oprah, while her intentions are probably pure, this seems like a lost cause. On her new OWN show, Lindsay has already had fights with production, made excuses for not having a sponsor, and insisted that her troubled friends are still allowed in her life. Watch the clip below to see one of the many heated exchanges.

Lindsay Lohan: “Until I F*** Up, You Can’t Assume I Am Going To”

After living in a New York City hotel for more than a month, Lindsay has finally found an apartment. She asks the production company filming her docuseries for an advance so she can put down the deposit. However, because Lindsay has not committed to a shooting schedule, director Amy Rice and executive producer Craig Piligian question her commitment, which Lindsay explicitly denies. “You can’t pull that s*** with me anymore,” she says. Watch the heated conversation and hear why Lindsay says she felt betrayed.

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