The Good Wife SHOCKER — Who Died?

It’s been a tough week for television viewing, and it will take some time to fully recover. First, Scandal painfully killed an endearing lead, then Blacklist burdened their show with excessive deaths, and now — THE GOOD WIFE.

Before I continue, I’d like to say that spoilers are ahead, and if you have yet to discover the shocking news I’m about to reveal, STOP READING. Here goes: Will Gardner is dead. His client went on a shooting rampage which solidified Josh Charles’ exit from the show. And before you blame the writers for such a startling story-line, it’s now become clear that wasn’t their decision. Josh Charles somehow negotiated a four year contract when he entered the series. While most contracts in the business are 6 years, they made an exception for Charles, presumably because they were desperate for him to sign on the dotted line. I also assume Charles made that initial negotiating request because he considers himself a film actor and didn’t want to be tied down to a television series for an extensive part of his acting prime. Plus, he’s newly married. And that’s a whole nother’ bowl of bananas. According to Charles himself, “Creatively, [he] was just ready to move on to the next chapter.”

It’s unclear where the show will go from here, but it’s certainly a bold choice that’s sure to shakeup a solid series. Though I’m angry with Charles for leaving, and the powers-that-be for okaying this contract, I’ll bite my tongue and hope for the best. That being said, I’m taking a break from television for a bit. I’m exhausted.


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