An Open Letter to Andy Cohen — Bravo’s Real Bad Boy

When Porsha Stewart pulled Kenya Moore to the floor on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, many vocal media outlets chastised her for resorting to violence. Most of those outlets neglected to mention Kenya Moore’s tyrannical megaphone, ridiculous wand, and endless accusations meant to provoke Porsha. They also neglected to address Andy Cohen, who seemed to happily repeat those provocations to Porsha in hopes of welcoming one of the shows notorious retaliations (remember that table-flip from Theresa Guidice?).

It’s astounding that Andy Cohen would scold Porsha for her bad behavior, considering he’s largely responsible for inciting it. Though we all need a paycheck, there comes a time when one has to exit the monkey house in time to stop smelling the shit. Andy allowed that megaphone. Everyone involved that day is guilty, including Andy. As for Kenya’s ridiculous rants about violence, just remember one thing. Violence might be wrong, but at the end of the day — you’re still going to get punched in the face — so perhaps you should be a little smarter about where you wave that wand.

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