Did Daughtry Disrespect D-Day? — Singer Apologizes

‘American Idol’ alum Chris Daughtry landed in hot water after the folks over at Fox & Friends requested a song to honor the anniversary of D-Day, and Daughtry bailed, claiming to be “off the clock.” While it’s easy jump on the bashing bandwagon, this has clearly been blown out of proportion. First, Fox & Friends is filled with unprofessional hosts who should have planned this request in advance rather than awkwardly standing around the stage in a clumsy silence. Second, it’s obvious that Chris Daughtry freaked out at the request, which has been confirmed via his apology. He was afraid he’d botch the lyrics, and since he’s a professional, he knew that a failed attempt would be widely circulated. Last, can we stop assuming the absolute worst of people? Watch the video below and judge for yourself. I’d have bailed too.

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