Robin Thicke Debuts “Get Her Back” — Desperate Please for Paula Patton

It’s difficult to empathize with Robin Thicke’s romantic plight, especially when his unforgivable antics were so public. His marriage ended shortly after Thicke was seen “handling” the ass of a gross groupie, which was immediately followed by some questionable photos that also aroused suspicion of infidelity. Furthermore, Thicke proudly declared his taste for threesomes on Howard Stern, insisting that both he and Patton made the most of their marriage. Now, Thicke is using the spotlight to plea for Patton’s return, a request I can only meet with a gigantic yawn. As for the desperate video below with the Patton lookalike, let’s just say there’s not many women on the planet as beautiful as Paula Patton. Good luck, Robin.

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