Taylor Swift v. Katy Perry: Battle of the B*tches

Somewhere along the ascent to stardom celebrities lose all sight of reality and become untouchable divas. And while I have heard wonderful things from inside sources about how Taylor Swift treats her staff, her public interviews are enraging. Her latest line of complaints is allegedly aimed at Katy Perry, who Swift told Rolling Stone is an “enemy,” because she “tried to sabotage [her] entire arena tour” by hir[ing] a bunch of people out from under [her].” And because she is “surprisingly non-confrontational” she now has to awkwardly “avoid her.” Swift neglected to name Perry directly, but the “Roar” singer scratched back on twitter, saying, “Watch out for Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” TMZ shed light on the details, explaining that Katy’s dancers joined Swift’s tour after Katy’s tour ended because they needed work. The dancers allegedly joined on the condition of leaving early with a 30 day out and asked to leave when Katy launched her most recent tour. A recent interview with one of the dancers in question tells a slightly different story, explaining that Katy contacted them and because “she’s like family” they “absolutely” jumped ship. That story made no mention of the alleged “out” in the TMZ article.

Taylor Swift is a young pup, so I’ll give her some unsolicited, real-world advice. The words “steal” and “recruit” are interchangeable in the work force. Katy wanted her team to return, so she offered them a job. I have also been offered jobs while presently employed, and my current employer never publicly pounced on my future boss. As for Swift’s cartoonishly laughable claim that she’s “non-confrontational” I’d encourage her to strengthen her internal monologue. The “country” singer is constantly calling out women, ex-boyfriends, and talk-show hosts in the press for their behavior, and she even went so far as to imitate an ex-boyfriend’s accent during a huge awards show performance so as to pinpoint his identity. That’s clearly confrontational. Also, I’d encourage this chick to loosen up. In fact, I’ll post her new song, “Shake It Off” in an effort to help her to take her own advice.

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