Bill O’Reilly v. Jon Stewart: Denies White Privilege

I would beg the folks at FOX News to sack Bill O’Reilly for his racist views, and I’d hold him out as an example of their affirmative intolerance of bigotry. It’s irresponsible for someone in any position of power to proclaim that racism is dead, and it’s even more irresponsible to give that person a powerful voice. FOX News is accountable for this, and there is no excuse.

In the video below, watch as Bill O’Reilly tells Jon Stewart that white privilege no longer exists. I’d like to also note that Bill O’Reilly is correct on one matter. It is in fact 2014, and our contemporary society should be more evolved. As part of that evolution, we should stop employing ass-hats to publicly espouse their racist views.

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