Russell Brand Bombarded With #PARKLIFE! Hashtags

It appears that twitter trolls have put their attacks to some interesting use as of late, taking a stunning amount of space to barb Russell Brand and his new, sententious book, ‘Revolution.’ The viral rebuke against his verbosity began with Dan Barker, who hilariously suggested that “Russell Brand’s writing feels like someone is about to shout “PARKLIFE!” at the end of every sentence.'” The term stems from the title of a song by the British band Blur, which features ridiculous spoken lines by actor Phil Daniels, which are continuously interrupted by the word “Parklife.” Many retweets later, Brand is now bombarded with the titular term, and he’s drowning in hashtags. I suppose the guy deserves it. After all, if a comedian is going to wax on about politics, he can expect some powerful pushback, and this is brilliant. Listen to the song below, followed by a parody video of Brand.

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