Jimmy Kimmel Stole J.B. Smoove’s Double-Eye-Patch Joke: WATCH NOW

J.B. Smoove’s standout comedic style is currently unmatched, and he’s most notably proved his place in the industry with his frequent, hilarious Howard Stern appearances. During one such appearance Smoove recounted many of his rejected SNL sketches that resulted in Smoove being known as the “pitch king” by his peers. Stern and Smoove surmised that the sketches got axed because they can only be executed Smoove himself. When Smoove returned to Stern for today’s interview, he indicated many of those mentioned jokes were stolen, most notably his “pirate-with-a-double-eye-patch” sketch. Shockingly, it was Jimmy Kimmel that stole the joke. After intense research, I found the stolen sketch which, as predicted, is not as funny without Smoove. Watch below to see Kimmel’s ‘Movie the Movie 2V’ from 2013, in which Kimmel simulates a stupid film trailer in a post-Oscar parody.

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