Norm Macdonald Happy Eddie Murphy Nixed Bill Cosby Sketch

Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary generated some very positive buzz, but the one standout fail was Eddie Murphy’s appearance, which was more about lauding than laughter. For a man that once commanded the room, it’s unfortunate that he’s now seemingly against all things funny. Norm Macdonald has now shed some light on his stale appearance, explaining that the original intention was a Bill Cosby sketch, and that Murphy made the last minute decision to nix it because, “he doesn’t want to kick a man while he’s down.” While it’s not fair to let MacDonald speak for Murphy, one things for certain. Bill Cosby might have raped a bunch of women, so maybe he deserves a few kicks. That being said, perhaps rape isn’t funny enough to grace the SNL stage. Watch Murphy’s sub-par, brief appearance on the anniversary stage.

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