Brandi Glanville Leaves Real Housewives: End of a Very Crass Era

 There’s a rule on Real Housewives: You can’t be hated by everyone at the same time, or you’ll get the axe, and Brandi Glanville broke it. Allies will earn you favor, but not when your only ally is Kim Richards who also earned her walking papers. I actually feel bad for Brandi, but she played every card imaginable to land a job in LA LA Land, and she had a damn good run of it. Hats off to the girl that makes lemonade out of some seriously unfaithful lemons. Like her or not, I applaud such a turnaround, especially when you somehow manage to become more famous than that famous chick that stole your husband. In a sweet sendoff, I’d like to say goodbye to Brandi Glanville’s RHOBH’s run with her greatest moment in history. Watch below.

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