The Brian Williams / Matt Lauer Interview: My Take

 I have a lot of issues with Matt Lauer’s aggressive interview style, but in the case of Brian Williams, it worked. Lauer was relentless, pushing Williams to profess whether he knew he was lying at the he told his tales, and asking the impetus behind his infractions. As for Williams, it’s clear he’s weaved a web that will take a lot of time to untangle. He did the best he could without actually admitting the intent to lie. If he admits the intent, he’s harder to forgive, and if he claims ignorance, he looks sloppy and perhaps pathological. My take? He became a raging narcissist whose ego got the best of him, and as a newscaster, truth is paramount. The decision to place him at MSNBC and give Lester Holt the job is a genius compromise, and I commend NBC for learning from their Ann Curry debacle. I also give them major credit for allowing Lauer to push hard on Williams, especially when they’re on the same network.

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