Raven Symone v. Candace Cameron Bure: Gay Marriage Debate

The View needs Candace Cameron Bure on its panel. Ratings are down, and their musical chairs extravaganza has yet to garner the viral hits of Elisabeth’s Hasselbeck’s crazy rants. Sure Cameron is a bigot who opposes gay marriage, but so are a lot of people, and just because she’s cringe-worthy doesn’t mean she won’t generate ratings.

In a debate with Raven Symone, Bure insisted that we should “respect opposing views” when referencing a bakery that was fined for illegally discriminating against gay people after refusing to bake a cake for their wedding. If that same bakery refused to bake a cake for a wedding between a black woman and a white man, would she ask that we grant the same respect? No, she wouldn’t. And using Jesus to justify this stance is not only ridiculous, it also suggest that Jesus hates people for who they love. Though I’m Jewish and don’t believe in Jesus, I’m guessing that if such a man exists, he’d love everyone equally.

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