Ariana Grande “Hates America” — And Doughnuts

If Ariana Grande “hates America,” as she proclaims in the video below, I’d encourage her to leave. It’s no secret that the trashy pop tart has garnered a world of criticism for her diva antics, but we live in video-driven society, so she was bound to get caught. In a secret tape, Grande can be seen sticking out her tongue near doughnuts, followed by asking “What the fuck is that,” and proclaiming her hatred for our country. Her team quickly entered the spin zone, with a long statement about obesity in our country, begging the question of why she chose to enter a doughnut shop in the first place. As an aside, I very much love doughnuts, and I’m thin. Everything is fine in moderation. I also enjoy all fast foods, pizza, and excessive cheese quesadillas. AND I LOVE AMERICA. Watch below. Congratulations to Scooter Braun, he sure knows how to pick them.

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