Jennifer Aniston Weds: World’s Hottest Independent Woman Is Off the Market

 After years of tabloid gossip, endless rumors, and sad-sack headlines, Hollywood’s hottest single lady decided to make her love with Justin Theroux official by walking down the aisle during a private event held at her mansion. Over the years, Aniston has been effusive about her love for the Tropic Thunder scribe, calling him the “nicest person in the world” who “gets better every year.” And despite an insatiable desire to paint her as desperate, Aniston has taken it in stride with the utmost grace, ignoring the negativity in favor of a rich, fulfilling life with friends, travel, and an A-list career. She never needed a man to make her happy, she wanted THIS MAN, and she got him. Good for her. Long live their happiness, and death to all the anticipated headlines about “problems in paradise” and “trouble conceiving.” She’s 46 and fabulous, and she’ll do what she wants, when she wants. 

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