#NURSESUNITE Against ‘The View’ — Is it Necessary?

nurse unite the viewLet me begin by confessing that I love nurses and I love Joy Behar, so if you anticipate bias, my loyalty is evenly matched. As for why I delayed in commenting on this drama, it’s because I thought it would die, but since it won’t — here goes.

The ladies of ‘The View’ poked fun at the Miss America pageant, which entailed joking about a nurse who skipped the traditional song and dance and instead wore her scrubs and used the stage to tell an emotional, personal story about how she impacted someone’s life and is more than “just a nurse.” The View panel poked fun, with Michelle Collins leading the charge, suggesting that her delivery was a little odd and she basically read her email on stage. Joy Behar then asked why she was wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck.” The backlash was immediate, and advertisers have now pulled their products off the ABC lineup. The reason for the heated reaction is twofold. First, Miss Colorado’s speech was actually very good, and it was a refreshing alternative to the useless crap that Miss America usually pedals (see Jon Oliver video below — it’s last). And when something is that good, and the joke is so far off the mark, it’s going to land like a turd on a hot day. The second issue is that Joy asked about the stethoscope, which some have interpreted to mean that she suggested she wasn’t equipped to wear it. While I understand the criticism, I’ve watched the video numerous times, and I’m willing stand firm in the fact that it is NOT what Joy meant. She chimed in somewhat lazily, saw her in scrubs, and was confused — since it’s Miss America and she wasn’t wearing glitter and a bathing suit while twirling a baton. If anyone legitimately thinks that Joy Behar and The View panelists have hate in their heart, so be it. But if you’re attempting to burn someone’s house down because they threw a pebble at your window, I’d encourage more rational thought. If a construction worker walked on stage wearing a hard hat and carrying his hammer, wouldn’t the ladies say, “Hmm . . . why is he wearing that hard hat?” Would we then say they don’t respect construction workers. Wearing your work uniform on stage is unusual, and the first reaction will be one of inquiry.

In closing, I’d like to suggest that everyone seriously lighten up. People are constantly complaining about the perils of our PC culture, and this is precisely why. I began watching The View because the ladies boldly offered their raw perspectives on hot-button issues and were unafraid of the consequences. Issues like this suggest they are not allowed to make a mistake, which means the show will be irreparably compromised. Nurses deserve an incredible amount of respect. They deal with patients in their worst moments, and their role is vital. Do we seriously believe that The View thinks otherwise? Watch the videos below in succession, and judge for yourself.nurse unite the viewnurse unite the view






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