Wendy Williams is Sexist: Harps on Nicole Scherzinger’s “Failed” Relationship

nicole scherzingerThere’s constant buzz about how women should support other women, yet it’s often misdirected. So when Wendy Williams accosted Nicole Scherzinger with an extremely archaic perspective on marriage and children, I naturally assumed twitter would erupt. Unfortunately, the response is not quite as raucous as I hoped. Scherzinger visited Williams to promote her new variety show with Neil Patrick Harris, and instead of celebrating her accomplishment as a working woman with career longevity, Williams focused on her “failed” relationship with Lewis Hamilton. She insisted Scherzinger wasted seven years of her life breaking up and getting back together with him, and since he had money, she was “rooting for her.” First, did it occur to Williams that perhaps Sherzinger didn’t want to get married. Maybe Lewis pressured HER, and SHE wanted out. Or maybe SHE doesn’t want children. Or perhaps they tried and failed to conceive, and she’s infertile? There are a million possible ideas that don’t all involve some weepy woman that didn’t get the ring. And lastly, there is no need to “root” for Nicole Scherzinger to marry a man with money. She has her own money. Shame on you, Wendy Williams.

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