Why Amber Rose’s Ass-Play Dig at Kanye Was Homophobic

When Amber Rose indicated Kanye West might prefer ass-play in the bedroom, I was bothered, but my objection was more about the childish exposure of his personal preferences rather than the latent homophobia on hand (pun intended). When Kanye West denied it, I also felt uneasy. First, what’s wrong with ass-play? To each his own. And second, why dignify the “dig” with a public declaration.
It wasn’t until Andy Cohen came forward and expressed moderate outrage at the idea that a penchant for ass-play makes one perverse, that I began to think outside the box (pun also intended). It was then brought to my attention by a certain music insider that Kanye West is in fact the worst person to be involved in this exchange, given that he’s actually an LGBT advocate. Ever wonder why you don’t hear the word “faggot” in hip -hop songs anymore? Well . . . we have Kanye to thank. During an interview with MTV ten years ago, West called upon the hip-hop community to cut out its anti-gay antics, saying hip-hop “has always been about “speaking your mind and about breaking down barriers, but everyone in hip-hop discriminates against gay people.” He was one of the first to speak out, and its use has drastically declined since.

So what happens when the man who advocates for equal rights is exposed as someone who also enjoys some digital delights? Perhaps he should have just remained quiet, closed his bedroom doors and continued to do what he likes, but the far better move would be to unite with Andy Cohen and call out the comment for what it is — homophobic.

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