Jennifer Lopez Releases Dr. Luke Produced ‘Ain’t Your Mama’

jennifer-lopez-aint-your-mamaThere’s a reason Sony stood behind Dr. Luke in Kesha’s contract battle and subsequent allegations of rape and verbal abuse, and it likely has more to do with his status as a money-making-machine than his moral character. In fact, he’s worth way more to Sony than Kesha is, and I’ve long surmised that they kept Kesha under contract via Dr. Luke’s insistence.  There are far more legal complexities than meet the eye, though. Kesha is signed to Luke’s label, and Luke is under contract with Sony, so even though Sony has insisted that they can’t release her, they have offered for her to work with another producer, which the courts think is enough. But if Sony doesn’t have the power to release her, as they claim, then how do they have the power to offer up a different producer? Wouldn’t that be Luke’s decision? And if you’re deciding whether to believe the pop star, perhaps you can navigate your judgment via social media, based on other celebrities who have and have not spoken up. One such celebrity in the latter category is Jennifer Lopez, who just released a catchy track that was co-written and produced by Dr. Luke. In fact, ‘Ain’t Your Mama” is ironically a pro-woman anthem.



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