Andi Dorfman Alleges Josh Murray Was Emotionally Abusive

it's not okay andi dorfmanWe can all remember that awkward, infamous moment on ‘After the Final Rose’ when Nick Viall revealed his sexual liaison with Andi Dorfman in an attempt to understand how she could so quickly cast him aside in favor of her chosen suitor and now ex-fiance, Josh Murray. “If you weren’t in love with me,” Viall said, “then why did you make love with me.” Andi called it a “low blow” and Murray revealed just moments later that he wasn’t phased by the incident. The press then pounced, with obvious questions about a woman could have sex with another man just one day before riding off into the sunset with Murray. And how is it possible Murray didn’t mind? Dorfman now reveals in her new book, “It’s not okay,” that things were not as smooth as she led us to believe. In fact, Murray allegedly called her a “bitch” and a “whore” during arguments, often reminding her of her decision to sleep with another man. He also thought she was “selfish” for wanting to return to work as a an attorney. Murray is predictably unhappy with her book, saying he prays she “finds peace.” And there you have it. Perhaps a dating show is not the proper way to find the perfect partner? Who knew?

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