King Trivia Hosts ‘Friends’ Night in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is flooded with fun things to do, and King Trivia’s ‘Friends’ ‘themed trivia night at Busby’s East was no exception. Some 50 teams came out to test their knowledge of the hugely popular sitcom, packing the venue with avid fans looking to win a substantial cash prize.
Friends_WebsiteSquare_300x300King Trivia is well known throughout the Los Angeles area, hosting dozens of pub trivia nights each week. Though their events usually welcome trivia players of all abilities, this time was a tad different. The fanatical ‘Friends’ players tested their knowledge of character names, obscure love interests, the occupations of Paul Rudd’s parents, and the species of Ross’ pet monkey.
The quizmasters were well prepared, having “runners” placed throughout the venue to facilitate answer sheets, tabulating results, and checking to ensure all players were registered. And, as mentioned, the questions proved its organizers did their homework.
While the trivia was challenging but fun, the venue itself was simply challenged. Busby’s was overwhelmed with the number of players, and unable to handle the volume of orders that hit them more or less all at once. This is understandable – it isn’t every day that 300+ customers come in at the same time and order tables full of food and drinks – but it was frustrating to wait more than an hour for food. The wait staff did their best, and maintained good attitudes during the deluge, but Busby’s would do well to better prepare for the next event.
All in all, this was a very entertaining evening. Be sure to check out King Trivia’s regular trivia nights – they’re sure to host one near you if you live anywhere in the LA area!


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