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I always knew Stacy Ekstein was a force to be reckoned with, so when she told me about Market Street Productions’ (“MSP”) latest venture with Mar Vista Entertainment to produce ‘Seduced’ for Lifetime Movie Network I was not surprised. Stacy and AFI alum Chris Ekstein co-founded MSP in 2005, and if that’s not enough for their action-packed schedule, Stacy started a film division this year with the dream of producing quality content from Hollywood’s top female talent.  With many talented female players on the bill, ‘Seduced’ does just that.

The movie is the directorial feature debut of American Film Institute graduate Jessica Janos, and it stars Elisabeth Röhm (Joy, American Hustle). The film follows Caroline, whose “Missed Connections” response on Craigslist leads to a whirlwind romance with a man leading a secret life. As a single mother, Röhm identified with the storyline, explaining that she understands forgetting about one’s own personal needs to care for family, and she was “compelled by that truthful exploration of what it would be like to become awake again.” Röhm also agrees with the importance of featuring female talent, saying, “the movement still hasn’t changed enough for women in this industry.”

As two leading women on production, director Jessica Janos and producer Stacy Ekstein had a great respect for one another. “Stacy is the best producer I have ever worked with,” says Janos. She has a great creative instinct and is not afraid to put herself out there.” Ekstein equally admires Janos’ bold approach, saying she has an “effortless ability to overcome obstacles” which is “what makes talented directors succeed.” For Ekstein and her husband, Market Street Productions has always been about adding more diverse female talent to the Hollywood landscape. “Talent should always win out,” says Ekstein, but “we have to make sure all doors are open.”

Tune in to Lifetime May 22 at 2 AM to see ‘Seduced.’

Elisabeth Rohm and Stacy Ekstein
Elisabeth Rohm and Stacy Ekstein
Behind-the-Scenes, Venice Beach
Behind-the-Scenes, Venice Beach
Behind-the-Scenes Shoot in Venice
Elisabeth Röhm and Director Jessica Janos

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