Kanye West Visits Ellen for Another Ridiculous Rant

Kanye West Fashion

Kanye West is an extremely talented musician, but I simply cannot make sense of his insatiable need to conquer all creative mediums. It would be too obvious to talk about the narcissism surrounding his appeal to change the world with more resources. He’s already rich, and if he can’t make a business out of his existing income absent investors, then maybe his dreams are far too big, or his execution is far too weak. Perhaps he can use his capital for charity to “make a difference” rather than a weak fashion line with boring bodycon, tonal spandex. In a new interview with Ellen, he was provoked into another ridiculous rant which only received a clap when he discussed removing bullying, which is in no way part of any actual plan. What’s next? Standing on a mountain top to promote world peace? Also, if you’re going to discuss your inspirational geniuses, think of something more original than Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Picasso.

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