Team Swift. v. Team Harris: Songwriting Feud Surfaces

Team Swift just took down Calvin Harris with a riveting revelation, and Harris is making a meager attempt to fight back. TMZ broke the news that Rihanna’s hit new song, “This is What You Came For,” was in fact written by Swift, not Harris, and the once-secret fact was in retaliation for Harris trashing Swift as a cheater in the press. TMZ furthered that Swift has the rights to revoke the song, but she won’t, unlike Harris, who prevented Rita Ora from singing his song post-breakup. Harris said that while Taylor wrote the lyrics, he wrote the music, and it’s unfair to suggest otherwise. He also encourages her to focus on her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

I hope Calvin Harris learned a lesson here. First, HE STARTED IT. He is the one who initially said he got “bored” of their relationship and simply wasn’t “feeling the spark anymore.” He is the one who leaked the fact that HE dumped HER, which would once again circulate the image of a sad single girl who can’t keep a man. If you’re going to play, bring your gloves. Don’t get hit in the face and then baby-cry about how you’ve been had. Listen to the song in question below. It’s good.

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