The Hi Hat Welcomes Kate Nash

Los Angeles hipsters have a new hangout, as Silverlake has become far too expensive for the great unwashed, who have now migrated to Highland Park. The emerging multicultural hub is located in Northeast Los Angeles, and it’s building a reputation as “L.A.’s most excellent enclave.”

The York Boulevard corridor is bustling with bars, vinyl music shops, and indie furniture makers. As I strolled the street in search of a way to pass the time before a Kate Nash performance at The Hi Hat to benefit the NELA Winter Shelter for the Homeless, it might be a stretch to suggest I felt like I was meandering through the backstreets of Venice, Italy, with one window more enticing than the next. In this land of eclectic chaos, this beanie-loving, don’t-care crowd brings a sense of peace. After all, isn’t there relief in knowing that somewhere in the land of the trendless urbanites, someone appreciates messy man-buns, odd graphic tees, and severely mismatched clothing?

Having extensive experience at Los Angeles music venues, it’s fair to say I’m picky, and The Hi Hat far exceeded my expectations, as did the music lineup. I’ve always been a casual fan of Kate Nash, but her live performance solidified my support. Her kick-ass, all-girl band rocked the stage, and her magnetic energy had the crowd thirsting for more. Though her style was far different from her albums, I welcome the refreshing spin. If I wanted to hear her record, I’d hear her record. This was live, and she knows how to put on a show. As for Kera & the Lesbians, my first experience was a great one. Their front-woman is a polished leader who knows exactly what she’s doing. And given my previous comments about fashion, it’s worth noting that she is branding her look to her benefit. She’s shrewd, and I like shrewd.

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