Tomi Lahren v. Trevor Noah: A Healthy Debate Worth Watching

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren clashed with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah in a 25-minute debate Wednesday night. They took on many hot-button issues, including Black Lives Matter, Trump’s win, and sitting down for the national anthem. One particular item of note is Lahren’s point that Black Lives Matter promotes violence against police officers and Noah’s counterpoint that those violent individuals do not represent the essence of an entire movement. Lahren likened the movement to the KKK, and Noah continuously drew a distinction, saying that the KKK’s agenda is fundamentally racist, while Black Lives Matter is not.

Noah responded to her claim of not “seeing color,” with, “So what do you do at a traffic light?” He also won one major point, asking how if a group of violent individuals can represent an entire movement, then should the group of violent police officers that gunned down unarmed black men represent all police officers? Her logic would suggest so. I would have also pointed out that her logic would imply that the KKK represents Donald Trump, because if they are marching in the streets using his name, then don’t they represent him?

Watch below and make your own judgments.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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