Tomi Lahren v. Trevor Noah: A Healthy Debate Worth Watching

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren clashed with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah in a 25-minute debate Wednesday night. They took on many hot-button issues, including Black Lives Matter, Trump’s win, and sitting down for the national anthem. One particular item of note is Lahren’s point that Black Lives Matter promotes violence against police officers and Noah’s counterpoint that those violent individuals do not represent the essence of an entire movement. Lahren likened the movement to the KKK, and Noah continuously drew a distinction, saying that the KKK’s agenda is fundamentally racist, while Black Lives Matter is not.

Noah responded to her claim of not “seeing color,” with, “So what do you do at a traffic light?” He also won one major point, asking how if a group of violent individuals can represent an entire movement, then should the group of violent police officers that gunned down unarmed black men represent all police officers? Her logic would suggest so. I would have also pointed out that her logic would imply that the KKK represents Donald Trump, because if they are marching in the streets using his name, then don’t they represent him?

Watch below and make your own judgments.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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Why Didn’t John Oliver Take Over The Daily Show?

  Trevor Noah did a surprisingly good job as the new host of The Daily Show, but while watching his debut, something struck me. For a show to work after its king has departed, it needs a modern refresh. Otherwise, the new guy is a house guest jumping on his owner’s furniture while the owner is vacationing in Belize. He’s dirtying the digs instead of building his own abode, and he needs a new yard. The other issue? He’s not John Oliver. While I support promoting newbies into high-powered positions, Oliver was an obvious choice, and Comedy Central blundered it with their best guy. They should have pushed to keep Oliver in hopes of him taking the throne when Stewart left. The result would be Last Week Tonight, which is basically a hipper, more current version of The Daily Show. As for whether it could have worked in a non-cable format, who knows. And to be fair, NBC tried to do exactly what I’m suggesting with Conan O’Brien, and it ended in disaster. That being said, I still think they blew it. 

Trevor Noah Named Daily Show Host: Women LOSE Again.

by Byron Keulemans

As a bi-racial South African man, Trevor Noah aligns with television’s admirable steps toward a more diverse landscape. And given that he only got his feet wet in December during his Daily Show debut, he’s also affirming Comedy Central’s great gamble. It’s a bit of a shock, but since their brand has always represented a fresh, anti-establishment perspective, perhaps it’s strategic to veer a little left of center. After all, aren’t there enough white hosts in this market? 

 Noah himself has expressed surprise by the selection, despite his excitement. But given that he’s only made three appearances on the show, it seems that the now infamous “Lean-the-fuck-away-from-me” debacle with Jessica Williams might have more legs than I originally thought. Williams was a fan favorite to take the reigns, and after she politely declined interest via social media, she received criticism from a Billfold writer who cried “imposter syndrome,” which is “a well-documented phenomenon in which men look at their abilities vs the requirements of a job posting and round up, whereas women do the same and round down.” Williams did not take kindly to the criticism, claiming, “Because of my choice, you have diagnosed me with something without knowing me at all. For the world to see.” While I ALSO know nothing of Williams or her decision to exit the race, I can’t help but question whether a woman with the same level of on-air experience as Noah would either take OR be considered for this gig. And though I’m happy to see change, I’d still like to see a woman in that chair.

Jon Stewart’s Balls of the Week – Barbara Walters’ “Spit-Take”

Jon Stewart’s hit it out of the park with his segment, “Holy Shit, You Got Some Huge, Hairy Motherfu*king Balls on You.” My favorite subject of the segment was Barbara Walters’ interview with Herman Cain, when Cain told Walters that he’d like a Cabinet position in the Department of Defense, and Walters replied with, “What!” Stewart quickly pointed out that Walters didn’t even react that way while interviewing the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad. Watch below.

Jon Stewart v. Seth MacFarlane — Piers Morgan Gets the Dirt

Everyone knows that Jon Stewart notoriously addresses bad behavior. But when Seth MacFarlane recounted the verbal tongue lashing he received from Stewart during the 2008 writer’s strike — I was shocked. Who knew Jon Stewart made house calls?

The irony of the writer’s strike is that while many writers fought for more — they ended up with less. The main issues being asked for at the time, included: a higher DVD residual rate on DVD sales; compensation for new media (such as internet streaming of television shows); and obtaining writing credit for work on reality television (at the time this was considered a “non-scripted” medium). But while the writers were fighting, Hollywood suffered, and many shows were canceled because the ratings didn’t recover from the extended hiatus. As a result, jobs were lost. David Letterman led the moral pack by paying his own writers out of pocket during the strike, and he later struck a deal with the Writers Guild, which allowed his staff to return without crossing the picket line.

It was rumored that Stewart attempted and failed to negotiate a Letterman-style deal, so he instead chose to air his show without his writers. But he was between a rock and a hard place. Had he gone dark, many non-writers working on The Daily Show at the time stood to lose their jobs. Did he make the right choice? Is it arguable? And if it is arguable, did Seth MacFarlane have a right to take a stand?

Jon Stewart on Anthony Weiner — “But We’re Friends”

With the news that Congressman Anthony Weiner sent random women pictures of his penis, it’s only the next logical step that the world would turn to The Daily Show for Jon Stewart’s reaction. Unfortunately for Stewart, the comedy gift horse comes with a price. He and Weiner are friends, which leads Stewart with an uncomfortable task. Watch how he handles it below. As an aside, can someone explain why men think women want to see pictures of their private parts? Women aren’t visual, so looking at a bulge in your boxer/briefs isn’t going to ruffle my feathers. What happened to the good old days of sending flowers?
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The Daily Show Writers Discuss How the Show is Made

If you’ve ever wondered how one of the greatest shows in television history gets made, then watch below to see the interview from last year’s Paley Center panel. In it, you’ll see The Daily Show writers discuss extremely short period of time they have each day to write Jon Stewart’s material. It’s shocking. Enjoy!

Jon Stewart Calls Out Megyn Kelly and Fox News for Nazi Hypocrisy

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Democratic Representative Steve Cohen compared Republican “lies” about health care reform to Nazi Germany, and Republicans went nuts. When Megyn Kelly of Fox News was accused of making the same inappropriate, gratuitous comparisons, she denied it. Jon Stuart pounced on the opportunity to prove her wrong, which brings me to the clip below. Enjoy!

Harrison Ford on Jon Stewart — Very Funny

Harrison Ford appeared on The Daily Show to promote his new film, Morning Glory, and he was surprisingly hilarious.  In most of the interviews I’ve seen with Ford he comes off as super serious, as if he detests the obligatory press rounds.  His appearance on Stewart’s show was quite the exception.  Watch below.

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Comedy Central Locks in Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Till 2013

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will stick with Comedy Central at least until 2013.  It’s a good thing too, considering they’re the only real news stations left.  They will soon go up against Conan O’Brien on TBS, which everyone is making a big deal about because they are both cable comedy shows.  I don’t think it really matters though.  Stewart and Colbert have a very specific audience that doesn’t really overlap with O’Brien’s audience.  The interesting fight will be Letterman v. Leno v. O’Brien v. Kimmel.  Oh yeah – who can forget Chelsea Lately?  Just put all the late night folks in a big pit and let them mud wrestle.  That’s how I solve everything.