Bill O’Reilly Attacks Megyn Kelly for Revealing Sexual Harassment

There’s nothing like mansplaining sexual harassment, especially when said mansplainer is a bloated white guy whose self-driven agenda protects his network before his fellow colleague. When Megyn Kelly revealed that she was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes,founder and former Chairman and CEO of Fox News and the Fox Television Stations Group, people believed her, especially since many others (including Gretchen Carlson) have come forward with the same story. Kelly revealed disturbing anecdotes about his alleged behavior, including the fact that “He tried to kiss [her] three times [in his office],” and when she “rejected that,” he asked [her] when [her] contract was up.” When she brought the matter up to a supervisor at Fox News, he assured her of Ailes good character and suggested she avoid him.

When Bill O’Reilly, a television host at Fox News, was asked about Kelly’s revelation, he wasn’t pleased, saying, he’s “not interested in basically litigating something that is finished that makes my network look bad.” He then suggested she go through HR instead or leave the company.

First, Bill O’Reilly’s entire career is founded on questioning the political process and using the media as a pulpit to push his personal agenda regardless of what party is in the white house. Should he leave it to the political process instead, much like his own suggestion to Kelly? After all, that’s the normal route, and if he’s unhappy with the regime in office, he should just sit down and shut up, right? Second, Kelly tried to make her complaints known, and Ailes was far too powerful to oust from the inside. Third, the media is often used to expose injustice, and allowing sexual harassment is an injustice. O’Reilly doesn’t like it because it’s now at his own network. Lastly, O’Reilly is a coward. He should stand up and make some noise when it’s not in his own self-interest for once. Maybe he should also be a woman for a day and learn empathy. And since that’s not going to happen, then he should be a man for a day and learn to protect people.

Jon Stewart Covers Ferguson — Watch Now

Jon Stewart returned from vacation with a must-see rundown on the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, and true to form, he enlightened the “media” on their embarrassing coverage of the events. With largely white talking heads describing racism through a racist lens, one can expect a problematic portrayal. But only The Daily Show’s stellar team of writers could package this in an easy-to-understand way for the Fox News media culprits contributing to the chaos. From Sean Hannity’s pompous, white privilege anecdotes about his own encounters with police to the “he who smelt it dealt it” spin on “only racists talk about race,” Stewart left no stone unturned. Watch him annihilate the network that cares more about Festivus than Ferguson.

Bill O’Reilly Supports Gay Marriage? — HUH?

The O'Reilly FactorThis clip caused some extensive head-scratching. Does Bill O’Reilly support gay marriage? Or does he just hate the Clinton Administration enough to use this as an opportunity to lambaste their legislative choices? I feel as if I slept for 5000 years and awoke to discover the evolution of Fox News out of its pre-historic bigotry. Luckily, Stephen Colbert took the professorial podium to explain the television tart’s abrupt about-face. Watch below.

Jon Stewart Calls Out Megyn Kelly and Fox News for Nazi Hypocrisy

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Democratic Representative Steve Cohen compared Republican “lies” about health care reform to Nazi Germany, and Republicans went nuts. When Megyn Kelly of Fox News was accused of making the same inappropriate, gratuitous comparisons, she denied it. Jon Stuart pounced on the opportunity to prove her wrong, which brings me to the clip below. Enjoy!

The New York Times Responds to Rupert Murdoch: ‘We’re Not Happy’

News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch accused the New York Times of clearly being partial toward Obama in their coverage.  In his interview with the National Press Club he said, “I have great respect for the Times, except it does have very clearly an agenda.  You can see it very clearly in the way they choose their stories, what they put on Page 1 — anything that Mr. Obama wants.”  He then went on to very comically proclaim that Fox News is in fact impartial, as they “have both sides in [their] news shows.”  The Times responded by stating that “the goal of The New York Times is to cover the news as impartially as possible. Any claim to the contrary is simply wrong.”  First of all, everyone is nuts.  Certainly they are both biased in their coverage, but if the Times and Murdoch are going to get into a pissing contest about who leans more one way or the other, my biased guess is that Fox News would loose.  They don’t just “lean” to the right, they infiltrate it.