Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore: “Sh**ty White People Should Discredit Their Race”

While stuck on an airplane to LAX, I stumbled across the O’Reilly Factor, and in an effort to keep an open mind to all sides of the debate, I begrudgingly watched Bill O’Reilly’s Ferguson coverage. The entire O’Reilly rundown reeked of racism, with claims about a plea to focus on black-on-black crime, in addition to statistics meant to suggest that racism is a thing of the past. But only Jon Stewart could adequately express the outrage. Watch Larry Wilmore’s look at the issue, with great quotes such as, “Quit calling it black-on-black crime. It’s just crime,” and “I have a dream. That one day, the actions of a few sh*tty white people will be seen as discrediting their entire race.”

Jon Stewart Covers Ferguson — Watch Now

Jon Stewart returned from vacation with a must-see rundown on the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, and true to form, he enlightened the “media” on their embarrassing coverage of the events. With largely white talking heads describing racism through a racist lens, one can expect a problematic portrayal. But only The Daily Show’s stellar team of writers could package this in an easy-to-understand way for the Fox News media culprits contributing to the chaos. From Sean Hannity’s pompous, white privilege anecdotes about his own encounters with police to the “he who smelt it dealt it” spin on “only racists talk about race,” Stewart left no stone unturned. Watch him annihilate the network that cares more about Festivus than Ferguson.