Wendy Williams Ruins Lamar Odom Interview

While I understand that Lamar Odom’s fame is largely attributed to his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, forgive me for actually being interested in the man’s life. A struggling addict for years who long-refused rehab, Lamar seemed like a lost cause. Plus, he’s got children, and I’m highly curious about their relationship. And who can forget that he survived a near-death experience? Apparently, I’m the only one interested in his life, because Wendy Williams spent the entire interview with a cringe-worthy inquiry into each and every Kardashian, rather than asking the man actual questions. How about, “What was the turning point for you to get sober” or any other question under the sun that doesn’t involve his ex. And if you’re going to ask about Khloe Kardashian, then how about asking something interesting that we don’t already know, such as “did your children like her” or “did you cheat on her for the entirety of the relationship” or “why did you refuse marriage counseling?” Watch below.

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