James Corden and Paul McCartney — Carpool Karaoke

There’s a lot to be learned about Paul McCartney, aside from the obvious. For starters, there’s no bigger star alive today, and the man is still both humble and grateful. His love for his craft is as present as ever, as the legendary Beatle still tours and releases great songs for his rabid fan base. In fact, he collects new fans every minute, as you can see from the video below from James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, which features age-spanning devotees. Though I’m not a loyal watcher of Corden’s Carpool shtick, this one is worth watching.

It’s worth noting that Corden is a genius. Were I too gain fame on any level, aside from all that charity stuff, I’d use it to meet the legends, and if I could sing, I’d certainly swim in the opportunity to sing WITH them. I can’t think of a more out-of-body joy than what Corden got to experience.

Watch below.

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