John Cena Will Make the “Sacrifice” of Children for Nikki Bella

My interest in John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship has recently peaked, as I’m the admitted product of their PR machine for the show. That being said, Cena is a fascinating man. For starters, he’s VERY intense, and Nikki seems like this sweet girl sucked in for the ride. In the clip below, you’ll see John Cena tell Nikki what he thinks she wants to hear, in the most unromantic way possible.

Basically, he’ll have children for the sole purpose of not losing her. It sounds as if he’s negotiating his death. The problem? Aside from the obvious, I imagine Nikki, like many women, spent the last year mourning the loss of her relationship thereby emotionally pulling away in an effort to prepare for the inevitable. John’s about-face is therefore a giant mind-fck. John can sense it, and he rightfully asks the obvious question. I actually feel bad for both of them. They need a serious couples therapist. Nikki seems completely unable to articulate her inner monologue. Watch below.

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