Pete Davidson is a Re-Gifter

At thirteen years old, I received a Bat-Mitzvah gift from a good friend. It was a heart-shaped red stone on a black lanyard, and it felt special. It was later revealed that his mother picked out the gift, and that he gifted the exact same heart to every one of his female friends for their Bat Mitzvah. Did that make it less special? I can only imagine how I’d feel if the gift actually came from a boyfriend, and said boyfriend gave the same symbol of his love to every girl he dated. Such is the case with Pete Davidson, whose scream-from-the-rooftops whirlwind affair with Ariana Grande has made the news just about everywhere. Not only is Davidson inked with a Grande-inspired tattoo (a gesture of love previously given to his ex Cazzie David), but he also gave Grande the necklace his father wore the day he died in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Fans quickly noticed that Cazzie was once photographed wearing the same necklace, at which point Davidson claimed that Cazzie’s was simply a replica, and Grande has the real thing.

For starters, does it matter if the gift Cazzie wore is a replica? The thought is exactly the same. It’s ludicrous to argue that distinction, and it’s also a reach. Second, it’s extremely disrespectful to Cazzie David to publicly proclaim the distinction at all. It’s akin to saying, “That former gesture was meaningless and I’m WAY MORE in love now than I was then.” As someone who has been in serious, long-term, meaningful relationships that did not last, I would never undermine their significance with a comparison. Furthermore if Pete once loved Cazzie and now callously demeans their connection, whose to say he won’t do it again? A man is judged by his exit, Mr. Davidson. Also, if you feel you have something to prove, perhaps you should ask yourself why.


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I’m on vacation too

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