Is Chelsea Handler Promoting a Book or Drugs?

If you believe Chelsea Handler, she’s had some sort of spiritual awakening, and that specific awakening is documented in her new book, Life Will Be the Death of Me. She credits her healthier perspective to intense therapy, and her book goes into detail about her painful childhood and the grief surrounding the loss of her brother.

Though I appreciate authenticity in any form, Handler’s recent book tour seems more about drug use than book promotion. In fact, she’s gearing up to launch a marijuana company, and she’s happy to help any and everyone who’s in need of advice about “microdosing” harder drugs. I had never heard the term microdosing prior to Handler, but I’m now aware, whether I like it or not.

It’s worth noting that marijuana is not technically legal in any state. If you want to argue that with me, google the Supremacy Clause. Additionally, if Handler was encouraging wine use to cope with life, I’d be equally outraged. Therapy is an excellent tool to better one’s life, but if you find yourself talking more about drugs than therapy, perhaps you missed the message. It’s important to note that I support prescription medication as a tool to combat depression, but Handler is not a doctor, and her loose drug endorsement is dangerous.

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