Stassi Schroeder Comeback Interview Fails — And She Blames Tamron Hall

Stassi Schroeder sat down for an interview with Tamron Hall to resurrect her image after being fired from Vanderpump Rules, and it didn’t go so well. For those too busy to follow the failings of D-list reality stars, Stassi engaged in a series of racist behavior, such as erroneously reporting Faith Stowers, a black fellow cast member, to the police for a crime she did not commit, wearing a hat with the caption “Nazi Chic,” and making a series of racist comments on her podcast.

Ms. Schroeder had a lot to answer for and when it did not go her way, a series of leaks landed in the press, presumably straight from Team Stassi. According to Us Weekly, Stassi felt that Tamron Hall “went rogue,” asking questions for which she was unprepared and “taking the interview in a completely different direction.”

It’s a curious tactic to blame an extremely capable interviewer for your own failings, especially given the very topic at hand. Instead of taking responsibility for doing an interview far too soon, Stassi is blaming everyone but herself —a standard tantrum. It’s difficult to clear your image when you are in fact actually racist — which I believe Stassi to be. She has a pattern of racist behavior, which goes well beyond ignorance. It’s going to take far longer than a few months for her to unwind her line of thinking.

Tamron Hall should be commended for her interview. If Stassi wanted softballs, she should have gone somewhere else.

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