Bennifer 2.0 Heats Up — And I’m Here for it

I must confess to the serious hatorade I drink during the reign of Bennifer 1.0 and to this day, I can’t articulate the issue I had with the A-list couple. Though it pains me to admit it, I’d venture to guess that the media played a role in my personal opinion.

In retrospect, while they did rub their relationship in our face (literally — Ben rubbed J Lo’s booty and her music video), the punishment didn’t fit the thirsty crime. It seems they really were in love, and their inability to navigate the press attention, might have been the catalyst that cause their breakup (and perhaps that whole strip club debacle).

So where are we now, and will this reunion go the distance, or is Ben Affleck simply a Band-Aid for Jennifer Lopez’s breakup with Alex Rodriguez? Buckle up, I’m about to answer my own question.

First, no one needs a Band-Aid to cover the wound of Alex Rodriguez. I’d venture to say she needs a Time Machine instead to avoid that very predictable ending of infidelity. Second, Jennifer Lopez lives a clean lifestyle and with Ben Affleck’s addiction issues, they are more compatible today than they were then. Third, when they are together their hotness quotient raises by 100%, which is a good indicator of happiness. And lastly, I think the pink diamond ring originally gifted to Jennifer Lopez by Ben Affleck is in Ben Affleck’s possession, and I predict he will propose again with that same ring. It’s true love — heaters be damned.

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