David Letterman Hires First Female Writer

First Hollywood is ageist and then it’s sexist? This country club gets harder to join by the minute! Letterman recently hired his first female writer. Prior to the hire, both Letterman and Conan O’Brien had a total of ZERO female writers combined. Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel lead the pack with one female writer each. Here is the catch though – Ferguson’s female writer is his sister and Kimmel’s is his girlfriend. To be fair, Kimmel started dating Molly McNearney long after she joined his writing staff.

Remember Yasmine Bleeth? She’s Still Got It

I don’t know about you, but I loved Baywatch! At the time that I started watching it, I really did think the show’s success was based on the dramatic story-lines, and not the slow motion running. Now, with age and oodles of wisdom, I finally get it. Here is a picture of the beautiful Yasmine Bleeth. She has officially won the blondes v. brunettes argument. For some Baywatch nostalgia, watch the clip below.

[Image via celebdirtylaundry]

The Verdict is in – Viewers Like Ellen on Idol

I thought this idea would crash and burn but apparently not. I even speculated that the Tuesday ratings bump might be a fluke because everyone wanted to see Ellen on Idol for the first time. Well Wednesday ratings are in, and it looks like it might not be a fluke after all. People seem to really like her. I’ll let you know next week if the momentum keeps up. I still miss Paula though. At least someone did a tribute to her last night! Watch an American Idol contestant sing a great version of Straight Up below.

Sue Sylvestor Gets a Rival

Molly Shannon is joining Glee as Sue Sylvestor’s rival. Her character is described as a “busty 45-year-old new astronomy teacher and badminton coach at McKinley High School who is both an alcoholic and a pill-popper.” That sounds wonderful! Jane Lynch is one of the funniest actresses out there, so it only makes sense to put her up against Molly Shannon for insane hilarity. The folks over at Glee sure have been busy with casting decisions during the American Idol hiatus. First Idina Menzel, then Neil Patrick Harris, and now Molly Shannon! Jennifer Lopez is even rumored to appear.

[Image via Ligado Em Serie]

My Wish May Be Granted – Is Penelope Cruz a Pirate??

If you saw my earlier post, I was hoping that Jack Sparrow gets a love interest in the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Penelope has granted my wish! Though details are not confirmed as to whether she will actually be his love interest in the film, something tells me it’s going to happen. Penelope already has a relationship with Pirates director Rob Marshall, as he directed her in Nine. See a pic of her in Nine below. I love Penelope!

John Mayer is a Giant D-Bag

Once upon a time when I was in college, my friends and I thought we discovered this great “underground” musician. We played Your Body is a wonderland over and over again. We passed his CD around the dorms to anyone that would play it. Everyone went to see him at this tiny little movie theater where he played his debut album to an unfilled room. Then…he hit it big. Suddenly this “humble” guy that we all thought we discovered, became a giant D-bag that feels it’s necessary to make his life about everything BUT his music. I have not bought an album since. Get back to the music John.

Congressman Charlie Wilson dies

Former U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson, the man Tom Hanks played in the 2007 film entitled Charlie Wilson’s War, has died at age 76. Tom Hanks once described meeting Charlie Wilson in an interview by saying:

He was so thoroughly charming that every one of the women in the office said: “Oh, oh, he’s got something…” I said: “Well, can you please explain to me what it is so I can have a little bit of it..” And they looked back at me and said: “Oh Tom, you’re never going to have this…” [Laughs] So, I said I’d fake it when the time comes.

Desperate Housewives: New Lesbian Relationship

Dana Delany and Julie Benz are set to have a lesbian love affair on Desperate Housewives, and the rumor mill says it’s going to be steamy! The Desperate Housewives cast is certainly no stranger to straight actors playing gay roles. Remember when Melrose Place’s Doug Savant (“Tom Scavo”) had the first gay male kiss on television? At the time, the camera cut away from the actual kiss because Fox was threatened by advertiser boycotts. We have certainly come a long way.

This picture is my personal ode to Nicolette. I miss her on the show. Anyways, check out Julie Benz on Chelsea Lately discussing her guest role.

[Image via Kwinton]